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This event is over but do join Plant Swap SG on Facebook to keep swapping your habits

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Join the community plant swap to exchange cuttings, seedlings and other plant related items on 12th September 2020!



City Sprouts


12 September 2020, 2PM - 4PM


Submit your interest in this google form:

You will receive a confirmation email at least one week before the community plant swap.

How It Works

1. Sign up from the google form:


2. We are adhering to COVID-19 safe distancing measures and there may be slight waiting time required. 


3. You will receive a confirmation email at least one week before the community plant swap. Please be thoughtful of the community and only arrive at your given time slot.


4. To enter the venue, you must provide your name for verification. Members who have not signed up are strictly not allowed to enter the premises. 

About the Organiser

Robin is a serial entrepreneur and started several businesses such as Greenyarn, Racing Genesis, Digital Media Academy and Super Brands.


He got involved in community work primarily through Relief 2.0, an NGO that he co-founded. Its mission is to promote efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery.


Robin works with various organizations in the UN and engages with Syrian Refugees, Rohingyas, and other communities to enable and empower them to solve problems with platforms such as ImpactMigrant and


While volunteering community services for other organizations, he found many other endeavours full of volunteers doing it for self benefits. He is part of the Urban farming community, and started Plant Swap SG in Singapore.

  • When is the Festival
    The festival is on September 12th & 13th 2020
  • How will Swap4Earth be conducted?
    Swap4Earth will be conducted mostly online to ensure the safety of all participants. Depending on the state of the pandemic, provisions are being made for certain components to be conducted offline too. However, this information will only be revealed closer to the event when the team is certain of Govt guidelines.
  • Who are the organisers?
    Earthfest (under CRF) and Swapaholic are the organisers. More information can be found here.
  • What kinds of activities can I expect?
    There will be talks, workshops, green marketplace, veg & vegan food, swaps and music!
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