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We still can't conduct large scale swaps but our swap spirit can't be locked down! Introducing our pre-loved Swap Shop! Our pop-up shop is launching in the heart of orchard. Sign up to get dibs!


Orchard Central


Launching 19 September, 2020 

11 am - 10 pm daily


The swap shop opens the week after Swap4Earth. Pre-register soon to secure your swap slot and skip the queues.

Go to SWAPAHOLIC to register

How It Works


Choose how many items you want to swap in from your closet. Register online and pay to secure your swap slot.



Come down to the pop-up swap shop to drop off your items. Your items will be quality checked on the spot. 


Should you prefer an item PICK UP,  select the optional add-on PICK UP service upon registration checkout.



Each accepted item will earn points. Rejected items will be returned to you.


If you've selected a PICK UP service option, this process will happen remotely and must be arranged before 13 September 2020.


Browse through items in the swap shop and swap out items against the points your items earned. Happy swapping :)


About the Organiser


Swapaholic is Singapore's leading fashion swap platform. Our aim is to make swapping accessible through our convenient omni channel approach.

If you're an online swapper, go to swapaholic.com to get started!

And if you prefer the physical experience, register to swap at our Pop-up Swap Shop!

Swapaholic is also the key-organiser for creating Swap4Earth 2020 in partnership with Earthfest. 

Fashion Swap FAQ

What are the swap shop guidelines?

View the guidelines here. In addition to these guidelines since our shop has limited space, our well trained shop representatives might reject items that are very dated which other swapper’s are unlikely to desire. We appreciate you playing your part to make sure everyone gets lovely choices to select from!

Can I return items at the swap shop?

You cannot return or exchange items that you swap out from our shop. You can however, re-swap them the next time around provided they pass our quality checks again!

How can I use the existing points in my account without swapping more items?

In order to use your existing points at the store, select the USE EXISTING POINTS registration option and pay a nominal fee.

What happens to the points that remain after you’ve swapped?

Your points are valid to use at the shop for 6 months from the date of the swap they were earned at. Should you to choose to extend these points, you can pay 15 SGD for another 6 month extension.

What happens to rejected items?

Items that are rejected are given back to you at the shop itself. We do not have an option to donate rejected items that are rejected at the shop.

What precautions are being taken due to Covid-19?

In addition to following staff guidelines in accordance to MOH, we are going that extra mile! All swappers are required to mask up, sanitise before they enter and before they try on any clothes. If clothes are tried on, the hangers and clothes will be sanitised and only put back on the racks after airing for 24 hours. Like all firsthand and secondhand experiences, swappers are recommended to wash garments before wearing them.

How long will the pop-up swap shop be around?

We plan to be around for 1 year since we can’t currently serve you with large scale Swap Party Events due to Covid-19.