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Quiz: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Singapore is known as a City in a Garden due to its abundance of lush greenery. Other than beautifying our lands, greenery also plays a part in our ecosystem and biodiversity! We see greenery in all shapes and forms everywhere we go, but how well do we really know them?

Scroll down to take a trivia quiz and find out!


Q1: Fun fact - Singapore is the only country to have a hybrid flower as our national flower!

Do you know its current scientific name?

A: Vanda Miss Joaquim

B: Vanda 'Miss Agnes Joaquim'

C: Papilionathe Miss Joaquim


Q2: Singapore has a Heritage Tree Scheme which aims to conserve local mature trees.

One of the qualifying criterias for a tree to be considered a Heritage Tree is its girth size. 2.5cm of a tree’s girth size is equivalent to 1 year of a tree’s age. Hence, a tree must be of a certain girth size and age in order to qualify.

What size do you think a tree’s girth must be?

A: More than 3m

B: More than 4m

C: More than 5m


Q3: Grab the nearest 5-dollar note you can find and examine it! There is a tree printed on the back of the bill, and it is one of Singapore’s Heritage Trees located at Botanic Gardens!

What is the name of this tree?

A: Tembusu

B: Rain Tree

C: Malayan Terminalia


Looking to feel more connected with nature? One way of doing so is by brightening up your house with some plants! According to research published by NASA, plants are great for purifying our air. Apart from their ability to clean the air, plants are known to reduce airborne allergies and alleviate stress as well!

Check out the following low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for, their benefits and some tools you might need to kickstart your gardening journey!


For more interesting trivia quizzes and content, check out the Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s Instagram posts, IGTV, and Story Highlight “#GreenAtHome”!

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