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Why You Should Visit The Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Located at the second floor of the Marina Barrage, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a modern and interactive gallery that provides an overview of Singapore's sustainable development. The Gallery is divided into six zones, labelled Zone A to Zone F, each providing a different aspect of sustainability in Singapore.


Start your journey with Zone A, where it explains climate change and its impact on Singapore. In this zone, you will be able to learn about climate change, the greenhouse effect, rising sea levels and carbon emissions.

Discover the strategies Singapore has implemented to mitigate and manage the effects of climate change with the Climate Action Plan.


In Singapore, clean water is readily available right from our tap. However, as a resource-scarce nation, water is precious.

In Zone B, you will learn about Singapore’s water story and the strategies implemented to ensure we have a resilient water supply. Conserving our resources starts with the individual. Check out the wall mural for water-saving tips that will not only help you to save water, but also reduce your utilities bills!


As you enter Zone C, you will be treated to familiar sights of our local shrubs, trees and water bodies. This Zone illustrates the integration of blue and green spaces in our landscape to enhance urban sustainability.

For instance, the Kallang River at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park project turned a concrete canal into a beautiful river bustling with life, creating a new focal point for the community.


At Zone D, you will be brought to the forefront of Singapore’s solutions to tackling environmental challenges.

From harnessing solar energy to utilising smart technologies, Singapore is blending the use of digital innovation and technology in our lives to build a sustainable and liveable Singapore for all.


Next, head to Zone E and marvel at the 3m-tall sculpture made out of waste materials contributed by the pupils of River Valley Primary School. These materials are some of the most common waste materials we can find at home. With the Semakau Landfill running out of space by 2035, learn what happens to the trash we toss in our bins.

Discover Singapore’s efforts in combating waste and learn about the different methods we can adopt to manage the enormous amount of waste we generate.


Finally, Zone F charts out the various targets and goals set in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint. But the journey does not end here. A collective effort is needed to achieve the target and goals. Change only happens when we start relooking our actions.

What will you do to ensure Singapore continues to be sustainable and liveable? Be a part of the sustainable movement by adopting sustainable habits and create a liveable city for our future!


For more interesting content, check out the Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s Instagram Page!

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