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Quiz: Fast Fashion Frantic

Did you know up until the mid-twentieth century, the fashion industry ran on four seasons a year: fall, winter, spring and summer? Designers would work many months ahead to plan carefully for each season. Today, the fashion industry has evolved into many micro-seasons where new clothes designs are pushed out at breakneck speed: fast fashion.

Fast fashion refers to inexpensive clothing that are mass-produced to meet new trends. Unfortunately, it has taken an enormous toll on our environment as the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Therefore, we must seek to be sustainable when it comes to our fashion choices.

A fast fashion frantic is someone who constantly purchases fast fashion clothing! If you are a fast fashion frantic yourself, check out the infographic above to learn some of the ways you can take action and reduce your environmental impact, all while staying fashionable!

Think you know all about fast fashion? Test your knowledge with the trivia quiz below!


Q1: Instead of releasing 4 clothing lines a year following the seasons, fast fashion brands evolved into micro-seasons where multiple lines of clothes are constantly being released.

Can you guess how many fast fashion micro-seasons there are in a year?

A: 24

B: 36

C: 52


Q2: That’s right! There are 52 micro-seasons in a year. We tend to follow fashion trends and are more likely to buy clothes that are in trend, while discarding those that are no longer trendy.

On average, Singaporeans buy 34 pieces of brand new clothes every year. Out of this number, how many do we throw away in a year?

A: 24

B: 27

C: 30


Q3: One of the most significant environmental impacts of the fashion industry is the extensive use of water. Do you know how much water it takes to make a single pair of jeans?

It is as much as the amount an adult drinks for:

A: 8 - 9 years

B: 12 - 13 years

C: 16 - 17 years


From social to economic issues, the impacts of fast fashion have been far and wide. A radical change is needed, and we can play our part by shopping ethically and avoiding impulse purchases!

Try out this bingo sheet to find out whether you are a fast fashion frantic!


Get started on your sustainability journey today with these tips! For more interesting trivia quizzes and content, check out the Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s Instagram posts, IGTV, and Story Highlight “#GreenAtHome”!

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