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OPEN LETTER: Dear Institutions, Earth School Is Calling. Would You Answer?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Dear Educational Institutions,

Thank you for your efforts in bringing up our next generation!

Each student is equally important, just like their uniforms.

Here are some food for thought.

Do you know how big is one cohort?

Do you know how many sets of uniform each student owns?

Do you know how many sets get thrown away after graduation each year?

In this day and age, the underlying problem we face is that we are often not aware of the impacts of our actions, be it big or small.

Thus, we continue with what we assume to be the norm, resulting in an accumulation of negative effects, which we are only starting to realise now.

Assuming that each student has at least 3 sets of uniforms, the total number of sets being thrown away each year after graduation is 90,000!

At least 90,000 sets of uniforms are thrown in the bins every year.

Perhaps we fail to notice it because we don’t change uniforms as often as we refresh the clothes in our wardrobes. However, this is no excuse. This happens on a yearly basis, often immediately after exams or during a New Year spring clean.

Here’s how you can put a stop to this madness:

As educators of our future leaders, we should set a leading example for students and impart them the importance of sustainability.

How about organising a clothes collection drive for used uniforms to be donated or resold to the next batch of new students?

These sets of used uniforms would be well appreciated by the new batch of freshmen, especially if it comes at a fraction of the usual price!

By extending the lifespan of our uniforms, we can avoid generating waste that will otherwise be lying in the landfill.

Now this is circular fashion.

With your help, we could save a million sets of uniforms in 10 years from entering the pits of the incineration plants at Senoko. Together, we can make a change, and it starts with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Planet Earth

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