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OPEN LETTER: Dear Corporates, Here’s What You Should Know About Our Planet

Dear Corporates,

Did you know that some 150 million people will be living underwater by 2050 because of global warming and sea level rise?

Did you know that fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes contributed to 78% of the total GHG emissions since 1970?

And did you know that you have the power to make a difference and to be more sustainable?

If we are not collectively playing our part, all these guesses and predictions will come true!

Let me provide you with some simple tips and tricks! (like how I always do...)

To Operations Team,

  1. Have you heard of recycled or biodegradable packaging? What matters is the product your customers receive, not the appearance of the package! It may look less attractive but I’m sure it would be more impactful. Your efforts in being more sustainable would be appreciated!

  2. Another option, which several companies are practicing, would be to allow your customers to return the packaging for products to be repackaged in the used packaging. Although more cost would be involved in the collection of the packaging, you would be able to save on the production of brand new packaging, especially for glass bottles and containers. Some companies even offer discounts to incentivise their customers in this initiative!

  3. Do you know the details of your supply chain? Where are the raw materials sourced from? What are the working conditions of the workers in your factories? These questions may seem foreign to us, working in skyscrapers in the heart of our cities. But these problems are real, and there are real impacts to the invisible children and women in factories, dealing with our increased orders of clothes, struggling to make ends meet.

To Marketing Team,

  1. Don’t you think that online video calls can be as effective as face to face meetings? Besides the benefit of added convenience and safety, especially during this season, we could also save on transport and reduce our carbon footprint. Win-win!

  2. Think before you print. Documents could be shared and stored digitally! Furthermore, digital documents save on office space and are neater and easier to read.

To Procurement and Logistics Team,

  1. We could opt to source for cost-friendly second-hand furniture including our office chairs, lights and cupboards. Always choose the sustainable choice.

  2. We could make better use of shredded papers by using them as internal packaging materials to help absorb shock and prevent the contents of your packages from shifting.

  3. What else could we recycle besides paper and ink cartridges? Be creative and think of new ways to recycle while swapping to more environmentally-friendly products.

To Leaders in this Competitive Business World,

In order for there to be a change, we have to lead by example and your employees to follow suit.

  1. You could donate a portion of your profits to a sustainable cause.

  2. Another possible idea you could explore is to form a Sustainability Team, empowering employees to ensure that guidelines on sustainable practices are adhered to.

  3. Of course, you would have to implement guidelines on sustainable practices for Step 2 to work.

  4. Constantly search for ways to educate your employees and to set up a culture of sustainability within the corporation.

Yours Sincerely,

Planet Earth

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