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Quiz: Waste No More

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been spending more time at home, and started to make our meals instead of eating out. Doing so gives us a chance to relook our eating habits and minimise the waste we generate. Check out these cool infographics by @theweirdandwild (hyperlink to her insta) for simple tips on how to waste less when cooking at home!

Little actions like these help us to live a more sustainable lifestyle! Put your knowledge to the test and find out how much you know about sustainability with the trivia quiz below!


Q1: You might know that Singapore’s only landfill, Pulau Semakau, is estimated to run out of space by 2035, but do you know how big the island is?

A: Half the size of Jurong East

B: Half the size of Pasir Ris

C: One-third the size of Kallang


Q2: On top of that, as opting for take-away food is encouraged during this period, the amount of single-use plastics has significantly increased. Swapping over to reusable containers is an effective way to cut down our single-use plastics and reduce waste!

When is the best time to tell the stall operator that you brought your own containers?

A: When you are placing the order

B: When the food is being prepared

C: When the stall operator is about to pack


Q3: A percentage of materials in our blue recycling bins cannot be recycled due to contamination by foods, liquids and non-recyclable materials that have been thrown inside.

What do you think the % is?

A: Close to 10%

B: Close to 20%

C: Close to 40%


To avoid contaminating the recycling bin and mixing in non-recyclables, learn how to recycle right. After identifying your recyclables, ensure that there is no food or liquid in any of the containers by rinsing and drying them. This is to prevent contaminating the other recyclables in the bin. Refer to this infographic by NEA for a general idea of items that can be recycled!


What are you waiting for? Kickstart your sustainability journey today with these tips! For more interesting trivia quizzes and content, check out the Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s Instagram posts, IGTV, and Story Highlight “#GreenAtHome”!

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