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Quiz: We Are Intertwined

Singapore is a tropical island filled with canopies of greenery. Despite our size, our tropical climate is a haven for complex and rich ecosystems such as flora and fauna found at our nature reserves and parks. If you’ve been to the Gallery, you may know that Singapore has evolved into a City in a Garden, where greenery is crucial to our urban biodiversity.

To maintain our urban biodiversity, we need to maintain an ecological balance. Maintaining an ecological balance allows our plants and animals to thrive in our ecosystems, in turn creating a sustainable and livable city for our future.

Our ecosystems are intertwined to form a bubble of life. They provide us with many benefits that enhance our quality of life. Find out how much you really know about the ecosystems around us with this short trivia quiz!


Q1: Without oxygen, all living things cannot survive. Every part of our body needs oxygen to function. About 70% of Earth’s oxygen is actually produced by marine plants! There is one particular marine plant that is responsible for providing about 50% of Earth’s oxygen.

What marine plant is?

A: Phytoplankton

B: Algal Plankton

C: Kelp


Q2: In 2013, the Eco-Link@BKE, an ecological bridge connecting two nature reserves, was built to encourage animal movement and seed dispersal.

Guess which animal(s) uses the Eco-Link@BKE!

A: Sunda Pangolin

B: Glossy Horseshoe Bat

C: Common Palm Civet

D: All of the above


Q3: Flying from Russia, Mongolia, northern China, Japan and Korea, migratory birds land in Singapore to rest as part of the East Asian Australasian Flyway migratory route towards Australia and New Zealand.

Which part of Singapore do they usually rest at?

A: Labrador Nature Reserve

B: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

C: Central Catchment Nature Reserve


With hundreds of parks and four nature reserves, green spaces are an intrinsic part of our lives. In fact, with our Park Connector Network (PCN), we are surrounded by greenery that has been consciously integrated into our urban landscape!

The island-wide PCN links up our residential areas with our parks and nature sites. It provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into the tranquillity of nature. Known as a Garden in a City, we are surrounded by greenery that has been consciously integrated into our urban landscape! Our picturesque local green spaces are also a place to engage in recreational activities! From bird-watching to having a picnic, there is something for everyone!

However, to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy our parks and reserves, we should always be mindful of our actions and impact on the environment. Check out the illustrations below for some of the do’s and don’ts of park etiquette that will ensure proper protection of our environment!


For more interesting trivia quizzes and content, check out the Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s Instagram posts, IGTV, and Story Highlight “#GreenAtHome”!

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